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Yongnuo YN360 III PRO LED light Wand ICE Light 3200-5500K (2KIT)
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Yongnuo YN360 III PRO LED light Wand ICE Light 3200-5500K (2KIT)

1 Year Official Yongnuo Warranty


Yongnuo YN360 III PRO is an upgrade to the original YN360 LED wand now rectifying some of the shortcomings of the first version. It is the LED video light that combines full color RGB SMD lamps and LED lamp beads. There are total of 420 LEDs which include 60 full color RGB SMD lamps, 180 LED lamp beads with a color temperature of 3200K, and 180 LED lamp beads with a temp of 5500K.

* Touch Adjusting Mode
Equipped with  proprietary remote with touch pad control,through the touch pad on the remote,the lighting mode and brightness can be adjusted easily,the signal is triggered at a touch, the dimming function is accurate and reliable,which is easy to achieve required supplementary lighting effect.

*Special Scene Supplementary Lighting Mode
With YN360III Pro,you can simulate 10 various special supplementary lighting modes such as lightning,sunrise, flashing lights of police vehicles,to better meet the user’s demand.

*Dual mode
Made up of colorful RGB full color mode and natural fill-in light 3200k,5600k color temperature mode,dual modes independent operation ,easy to switch to your required mode with one button.

*Various Colors
Provides RGB full color,you can not only get the fill-in light with various colors through the remote control touch pad,but also choose your own unique color through the color palette on the mobile phone APP.

*Wide Irritation Angle
The YN360III Pro lamp panel length is up to 40cm,greatly widening the light angle, which is very suitable for stereo and wide angle light supplement.

*High CRI
Adopts 360 well-selected high-quality lamp beads with  big luminous chip, color rendering index is greater than or equal to 95, YN360III Pro can perfectly restore the true color of the object.

*Supports YONGNUO LED wireless control system, YN360III Pro can realize mutual communication and synchronous control function with other YONGNUO LED lights.

*Two Power Supply Modes
1.Applicable battery:NP-F550、NP-F750、NP-F970 (not include) 

2.Supports external DC power supply for long time use. 

*Adopts YONGNUO LED constant current driving technology specially developed for LED video light,  light output is stable and  intuitive, photographic effect is more reliable.

Color Temperature: 3200K、5600K and RGB full color
Color Rendering Index: greater than or equal to 95
Remote Distance: less than 15meters
Power: 21.6W and 20W         
Lumen Value:2790LM
Weight: approx.805g    
Illumination Angle: 55 degrees and 110 degrees 
External DC Power Supply: 12V 2A  DC power
Dimension: 583*48*24mm


What's in the box

2x Yongnuo YN360 III PRO
2x Strap
2x Carrying case
2x Remote control
2x Original AC power adapter
2x Large light stand