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Seagull Universal Speedlite Flash Light SG100
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Seagull Universal Speedlite Flash SG-100

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Product Features:

The Seagull Speedlite Flash is perfect for Canon, Nikon and Olympus model cameras. Flashes are useful in photography to provide a short, bright burst of light when you release the shutter. They also help to reduce blur by providing this light precisely when needed. This product is lightweight, portable, and compatible with most cameras.



  •         Dimensions: 40 cm x 20 cm x 32 cm
  •         Color temperature: 5100-5800K
  •         Flash Ttme: 1/1000 second
  •         Recycling time: < 10 seconds
  •         Power: DC/6V
  •         Compatibile with all camera types
  •         Runs on 4 AA batteries (not included)