Repair Service

For repair digital camera, dslr, Lens or camcorder, please contact us at:

03-61406188 / 017-2216188


Product repair / servicing cost can vary from one product to another. Actual price can only be quoted after the product send in to service center.


Send in by courier accept, but courier charges pay by customer.



Terms and Conditions


1. An administrative charge of RM30 estimation repair cost.


2.Full advance payment must be received in cash before proceed with any repair.


3. All part(s) replaced are not returnable.


4. We bared no responsibility or liability if a lens or camera is scratched during cleaning or repair. Extra care will be taken during the cleaning process but sometimes it is unavoidable for a lens or camera to leave sign of cleaning or repair after serviced. Customer must be agreed and understand that such work is carried out entirely at customer's risk and that the company will not be held responsible for any defects or scratch in coating or any surface.


5. Article(s) remaining uncollected or unclaimed after 4 months shall be forfeited by the company and the company shall have an absolute power of sale and disposal over said article(s) without having to contact the client whats over.


6. The company is not responsible for any loss or damage due to contingencies beyond its control.


7. The company cannot give definite time for completion of the repairs. Any time given is mere estimate only.


8. The company will undertake, free of charge, any further adjustment or repair necessary if the first repair was not completed satisfactory, provided the article(s) is returned within 1 months from the date of collection. This excludes cleaning and additional charges of part(s) which may be required.


9. All customer settings, internal memory data may be lost due to repair, the company is not responsible for any loss of data or setting.