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Matte Box with Filter Tray YM30 for Cage or Shoulder Rig
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Brand Yelangu
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Matte Box with Filter Tray YM30


The Matte Box can be mounted in the front of the lens for blocking the light when shooting. It comes with three removable barn doors it is easy to create 'light shape', with amazing light blocking effect. Simple design, removable, easy to carry, it can be installed in accordance with international standards of 15mm rail rod. The height can be adjusted to adapt to different sizes of cameras.



1. Flexible light adjustment, with removable barn doors, easy to carry, flexible to create 'light shape' . 

2. The main part is made of metal, the height can be adjusted up and down, suitable for most lens and cameras.

3. Using international standards, can be mounted 15mm diameter rail rod (center to center distance is 60mm), and with various of combinations.