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Heavy Duty Metal Gimbal Tripod Head 360 Degree Panoramic support 20kg KF31.033
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Brand K&F Concept
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Heavy Duty Metal Gimbal Tripod Head


Key Features:

·Robust and durable: Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, it provides a solid support point for your camera.

·High load capacity: This static head can hold up to 20 kg. Allows you to capture more beautiful moments in animal and sports photography

·Versatile rotation: The swivel base and vertical arm can be rotated 360° (horizontal and vertical) to meet the photographic requirements of different angles.

·Precise adjustment: Large knobs with spirit levels are easy to use, and numbered scales along the swivel base and vertical arm allow you to easily repeat your settings for different lens and camera combinations.


* 【Strong & Stable】 Made of high-quality aluminum alloy. The panoramic head combines strong design, structure with durability and stability. The maximum load capacity is 20kg, suitable for SLR and digital cameras.

* 【Panoramic shooting】The rotating base and vertical arm of the gimbal head can rotate 360 degrees to meet the needs of photography from different angles.

* 【Multi-angle adjustment】 You can use the scale to slide up and down within the 70mm lifting range to adjust the shooting height and field of view, allowing you to accurately locate the center of gravity of any lens and camera system.

* 【High compatibility】 Standard Arca-Swiss 1/4 "quick release plate and bubble level, non-slip design, detachable, fits all SLR cameras. The 3/8" bottom screw can be used for various professional tripods.

* 【Wide range of applications 】 Simple, fast and versatile image acquisition, suitable for nature, bird and sports photography, and ideal for wildlife and sports photographers.