0.45x HD Pro Wide Angle Converter 72mm (82 UV)
RM250.00 RM399.00
0.45x HD Pro Wide Angle Converter 72mm (82 UV)
Price RM250.00 RM399.00
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New HD PRO 0.45x Wide Angle + Macro Converter Conversion Lens

Content: Wide angle converter, Macro converter, Lens case.


Product Description:

This Pro Series converter is made of high quality crystal clear and precision optics, designed to help you go wider, reach further, and move in closer than the lens on your camera.


This superb optics provide the finest professional images. These state-of-the-art add-ons minimize chromatic aberrations and unwanted distortion and produces images that are ultrasharp edge-to-edge.

The wide angle conversion lens is conversion lens designed to broaden the field of view when attached to a digital camera's or camcorders existing lens. It is designed to screw onto your existing lens of digital cameras or camcorders with the filter thread. Alternatively, an optional appropriately-sized adapter ring can be used for other sizes.

When you can't tell the house to "move back," just add a Wide Angle Converter Lens and click away. The wide angle effect broadens the angle of view, while increasing the depth of field, do objects near and far are in focus at the same time. Great for cityscapes, outdoor panoramas, room interiors, and it can include more people in group shots.

It's easy to understand the effect of a wide angle conversion lens. For example, a 0.45x wide angle lens converts a 35mm lens into a 15.75mm lens. This improves the composition of many interior and wide scenic shots.



Achromatic Diopters (Macro attachment)
For maximum magnification and image clarity, these Macro Zoom Attachments offer more close-up range, while preserving zoom capability.


Ideal for focusing tightly on small objects in tabletop, miniature, and flat field work. In +12.0 strengths. Stackable for even greater magnification.


Sample Photo:

Canon EOS 550D + EF 18-135mm IS Lens,  Photo taken @18mm ( 1/60" F5.0  ISO100 )

-- Without converter



Canon EOS 550D + EF 18-135mm IS Lens,  Photo taken @18mm ( 1/60" F5.0  ISO100 )

-- With converter