Compatible Battery Charger for Olympus LI-42B
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Compatible with Olympus FE150, FE-150, FE160, FE-160, FE190,FE-190, FE20, FE-20, FE220, FE-220, FE230, FE-230, FE240, FE-240, FE250, FE-250, FE280, FE-280, FE290, FE-290, FE300, FE-300, FE320, FE-320, FE330, FE-330, FE340, FE-340, FE350, FE-350, FE360, FE-360, FE3000, FE-3000, FE3010, FE-3010, FE4000, FE-4000, FE4010, FE-4010, FE4030, FE-4030, FE5000, FE-5000, FE5010, FE-5010, FE5020, FE-5020, FE5500, FE-5500, FE5050, FE-5050.

Mju 3000, Mju3000, Mju 7000, Mju7000, Mju 7010, Mju7010, Mju 7020, Mju7020, Mju 7030, Mju7030, Mju 7040, Mju7040, Mju 550, Mju550, Mju 725, Mju725, Mju 730, Mju730, Mju 740, Mju740, Mju 750, Mju750, Mju 760, Mju760, Mju 770, Mju770, Mju 780, Mju780, Mju 790, Mju790, Mju 820, Mju820, Mju 830, Mju830, Mju 840, Mju840, Mju 850, Mju850, Mju 1040, Mju1040, Mju 1050, Mju1050 Mju 1200, Mju1200, Mju 5010, Mju5010.

SP700, SP-700, VR310, VR-310, VR320, VR-320, VR330, VR330, TG310, TG310.

2 Years Camera Valley Warranty

Our charger is from a leading manufacturer supplier producing Digital Video / Digital Camera battery, and charger, laptop battery, mobile phone battery. Very Good quality, it has no effects on your batteries.

More than 8 years experience, Strong RD and engineer teams, over 20 OEM customers that are famous, big or international companies, latest technologies and most up-to-date equipments used.

ISO 9001 certified.

All materials and components from Japan, Taiwan and Chinese mainland, meets international standards in every production process.
Selected A grade quality components for all charger, over-charge protection, short-circuit protection.
100% compatible, below 1% defective rate, compare to 3-5% defective rate against normal quality in market.

All products tested for quality assurance purposes and meets international standards.


- Quick charge with automatic constant current control prevents battery from overcharging, short circuit, and electronic shock.

- Universal voltage 100v-240v fits anywhere in the world

- Short-Circuit Protection