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Elinchrom BRX 500/500 Softbox To Go Kit Studio Flash Strobe
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Brand Elinchrom
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Elinchrom BRX 500/500 Softbox To Go Kit


Content: BRX500 x2, Portalite Square 66 cm x1, Portalite Octa 56cm x1, Deflector Translucent x1, EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus x1, Sync Cable PC-3.5/5m x1, Tube case for BRX x1, Light Stand x2.



Product Highlights:


  •     Built-in receiver for triggering and power control with the EL-Skyport Plus
  •     Intelligent pre-flash detector system
  •     Controlled cooling fan
  •     Adjustable proportionality of the modelling lamp range
  •     Variable f-stop steps : 1/1, 1/2, 4/10, 1/3, 2/10 or 1/10
  •     Programmable ready beep tone
  •     Compatible with all light shapers
  •     Centred 7 mm umbrella shaft for the deflector set
  •     Stand bracket with additional umbrella fitting
  •     User replaceable plug-in flashtube
  •     Power auto-dump
  •     Multi-voltage auto-detection: 90-270 V (excluding modelling lamp)
  •     Rigid chassis takes the largest accessories
  •     High power "Action" flash for sharper images
  •     Faster recycling times and higher power
  •     Stronger housing with better cooling


Revolving around an updated triggering system, the BRX 500/500 Softbox To Go Kit from Elinchrom is a versatile two-light lit comprising everything needed for basic lighting setups and wireless control. Beyond the two lights and EL-Skyport Plus wireless transmitter, this kit also includes one rectangular softbox, one octagonal softbox, a translucent deflector, a pair of light stands and light stand case, and a durable storage bag for the lights and light modifiers.

The BRX 500 is a portable, multi-voltage 500Ws monolight offering variable power control down to 31Ws along with a fast recycle time of 0.34 sec and flash duration of 1/1158 sec at full power for freezing fast-moving subjects. The light is also characterized by its integrated EL-Skyport receiver, which is compatible with the included EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus for wireless remote triggering and power control from up to 656' away. This transmitter allows you to trigger and set flash power for up to four groups, as well as an all groups setting, and 16 different channels, which are split between eight normal channels and eight hi-speed channels. A locking metal accessory shoe connector allows you to secure the transmitter directly to a camera, a top hot shoe and a 2.5mm sync port are available for directly connecting an additional strobe, and a swiveling design helps to improve reception for more direct transmission.


BRX 500 Monolight

The Elinchrom BRX 500 Monolight is packed with professional and convenience features you'd expect from a company of Elinchrom's caliber. Forget about tripping over PC cords. Although this head accepts one, it also has a built-in EL-Skyport Receiver with eight frequency channels that can handle four distinct groups of flashes. The optional transmitter not only allows you to trigger your flash at distances up to 393' but gives you control of power, on/off, modeling light functions and Speed Sync activation. Free software for Mac and PC computers is available with the transmitter, adding additional features such as Flash-Delay for strobing effects. Add an optional USB Wi-Fi module for computer control. You can even use specially designed apps that allow full remote control via your for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

The BRX 500 offers very fast recycling rates of 0.34- 1.45 seconds @ 115V with action-stopping flash durations of 1/1,558 sec. The auto-sensing, multi-voltage BRX 500 recognizes any AC power source from 90-260VAC, allowing you to use it anywhere in the world. Note: