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Boya BY-AM1 Dual Channel Audio Mixer
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Boya BY-AM1 Dual Channel Audio Mixer

1 Year Boya International Warranty  


Key Features:

•  Dual-channel audio mixer for dynamic/condenser XLR mics, line-level or instrument signals
•  Compatible with computers, laptops, speakers
•  No-latency headphone monitoring (Includes 6.35mm to 3.5mm TRRS adapter)
•  6.35mm/XLR combo inputs, 6.35mm audio outputs, USB 2.0 connection
•  Supply 48V phantom power via XLR input
•  1/4"threaded hole for tripod mounting

The BY-AM1, a dual-channel audio mixer, provides you with a compact audio mixing solution for 6.35mm line-in devices or any XLR microphones, which allows you to easily mount and control input devices, and to transmit the output signal to your computer.
thanks to built-in 6.35mm/XLR combo inputs, it's convenient to accept signal directly from XLR microphones or electric instruments, like guitar and bass.
It can support 44.1k-192kHz sampling rates audio without any sound compromise, when connecting to xlr microphone and instruments input devices
Thanks to the 6.35mm headphone monitoring jack and supplied 6.35mm to 3.5mm audio adapter,you can hear your live input signal with no distracting echo or latency adapter, you can hear you live input signal with no distracting echo or latency through the headphone.
It can provide 48V phantom power for XLR passive microphone.

Built-in 1/4" mounting screw on the base can be attached to tripod and other accessories


  • Specifications
       Microphone Inputs    Line Inputs  Instrument inputs
     Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz±0.1dB    20Hz-20kHz±0.1dB  20Hz-20kHz±0.1dB
     THD:              /                  /
     S/N               /                  /
     Maximum Input Level:  9dBu(at minimum gain)  15dBu(at minimum gain)  8dBu(at minimum gain)
     Gain Range:               /  50dB               /
     Impedance:              /  47KΩ               /



                      Headphone outputs    Line/monitor outputs
     Frequency Response:                       75dB            80dBU
     THD:                   <0.01%            <0.01%
     S/N                      6dBu            10dBu
     Maximum Input Level:                   <10Ω             470Ω
     Sampling Rates:               44.1kHz,48kHz,88.2kHz,96kHz,176.4kHz,192kHz                /
     USB Connection              USB 2.0(USB-B connector)                /
     Power Requirements:              Powered by computers                /
     Power Supply:             48V PhantomPower                /



     Dimensions:                 160*105*41.5mm(6.3*4.1*1.6)
     Weight                    408.5g(1.44oz)


What's in the box

Boya By-AM1 Mixer
6.6'(2m) USB-A to USB-B cable
6.35mm to 3.5mm TRRS audio adapter