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Aputure LS-Mini 20 ddc Daylight 3-Light Flight Kit
RM3,150.00 RM3,595.00
Aputure LS-Mini 20 ddc Daylight 3-Light Flight Kit
Price RM3,150.00 RM3,595.00
Brand Aputure
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Aputure LS-Mini 20d Daylight 3-Light Flight Kit    


Warranty: 1 Year Aputure



 Product Highlights

2 x LS-mini20d LED Heads
1 x LS-mini20c LED Heads
3 x 4-Way Barndoors
3 x NP-F970 Batteries and Chargers
3 x Battery Adapters, 3 x AC Supplies
3 x Cold Shoe Mounts. CRI/TLCI: 96/97
3 x D-Tap Cables, 3 x USB Cables
3 x Clamps, 3 x Filter Sets
1 x Padded Kit Case



The LS-mini20 Daylight 3-Light Flight Kit from Aputure is a lightweight 3-point lighting setup that's great in the studio but also great on the road. Each light comes with a 4-way barndoors, an AC adapter, a NP-F970 battery with adapter and charger, a USB cable, a crab clamp, a D-Tap cable, a filter set, and a universal cold shoe mount. It all fits in the padded kit case.


The LS-mini20d Daylight LED Head is a 9.0 x 4.8 x 3.8" light source that weighs just 1.25 lb and has daylight color temperature of 7500K that's ideal for shooting outdoors or in locations with large windows. Light intensity is variable, offering dimming from 20 to 100%. CRI/TLCI ratings are 96/97, indicating an accurate rendition of color. The LS-mini20d has a wide 20-80-degree beam spread that can be shaped and controlled via the included 4-way barndoors. Power options include the provided AC adapter or the kit's Sony NP-F970 battery. In fact, the LS-mini20d Daylight LED Head can run on any standard 5V power bank or V-mount battery via a D-Tap cable.