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Sevenoak SK-T1 Mini Tabletop Video Tripod Stand Selfie Stick with Ball Head
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Brand Sevenoak
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Sevenoak SK-T1 Mini Tabletop Tripod Selfie Stick with Ball Head


Product Features:

The Sevenoak SK-T1 is a light weight and portable aluminum mini tripod designed for use with smartphones, action cameras and DSLRs. It comes with a small ball head, mini tripod and an extension tube. The small ball head makes it convenient for you to mount your device in a right position to take the best shoots. The mini tripod is designed with angle adjustment which enables you to change the angle of the feet easily. The best part is the extension tube that makes this mini tripod able to use at different height according to your specific requirement. SK-T1 can also be used as tripod or as a selfie stick when the feet are folded up.


Material: Aluminum
Load Bearing Capacity: 1.5kg
Tripod Folding Height: 12cm / 4.7"
Tripod Height(low position): 6cm / 2.3"
Tripod Height(high position): 9.3cm / 3.6"
Extension Tube Length: 15.7-25cm / 6.2-9.8"
Ball Head Height: 6.5cm / 2.5"
Ball Head Bottom Diameter: 3.7cm / 1.4"
Item Weight: 309g / 10.8oz (all together)



What's in the box

Mini Tripod

Extension Tube

Ball Head

* Phone holder not include