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Ezcap 4 Channel HDMI Live Stream Switcher Video Capture Card Multi-viewer Encoder
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Ezcap 4 Channel HDMI Live Stream Switcher Video Capture Card Multi-viewer Encoder


Key Features:

- Capture 4 channel HDMI in one video in 1080p60 resolution.

- Supports 1080p60 HDMI pass-through.

- Multi-view selections.

- Audio switch to select different HDMI channel.

- UVC standard, manual driver installation is not needed.

- Supports multiple system: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android.

- Supports most of trird party video capture and stream softwares.

- With remote control.

FOUR HD Camera Input and ONE HDMI Output

Low cost multi camera capture and live production

The 4-in-1 HDMI Capture Live makes it easy to create professional multi camera productions for capture HD video or live streaming to YouTube. Simply connect it and you can switch live between 4 high quality video camera inputs in better quality images. You can even connect to a computer to add a gaming console. The HDMI Capture Live also allows exciting picture in picture effects, perfect for live commentary! To live stream, it has a USB output that works like a webcam, so you can connect to any video software. There's also HDMI video out for projectors!

Faster Video Live Streaming

Live production is the fastest way to complete a finished program, plus you can stream it to a live global audience via YouTube at the same time. The USB webcam output of the 4-in-1 HDMI Capture Live connects to any computer and looks just like a built in webcam so all streaming software for social media platforms work! With up to 4 HDMI inputs you can set up multiple camera angles such as wide shots along with independent close ups of each person in the performance. Or you can connect to a computer with a PowerPoint slide show, video clip playback, web sites or gaming consoles. All switching is in real time so you can live stream to any social media platform!


Self Included Broadcast Quality Switcher

The 4-in-1 HDMI Capture Live features a compact control panel based design with all video, audio and control connections on the rear panel. The front panel includes easy to use buttons for selecting sources, video modes. The rear panel includes HDMI inputs for connecting cameras or computers. The program is output via an HDMI video out as well as a USB for webcam output. The buttons are easy to use by feel, so it’s even possible to use the switcher while presenting!

Easy to Use and Fast to Learn

The 4-in-1 HDMI Capture Live is very easy to use, as you simply press MODE to switch one-view and multi-view, then press SWITCH button to select 1 to 4 single channel, or different multi-view mode. on the front panel to change or cut between video sources. You can can press AUDIO button to choose audio source between different HDMI video sources. The 4-in-1 HDMI Capture Live also includes a remote control, you can get all the functions by it too!


  • Host Interface: USB 3.0 UVC
  • Video Input: HDMI x 4, Audio Input: HDMI x 4
  • Video Output: HDMI, Audio Output: HDMI
  • User Interface: Mode button, Mode switch, Audio Switch, IR receiver, LED indicator.
  • Resolution: 720 x 480 (60p), 720 x 576 (50p), 1280 x 720p (50p), 1280 x 720p(60p), 1920 x 1080 (50i), 1920 x 1080 (60i), 1920 x 1080 (24p), 1920 x 1080 (25p), 1920 x 1080 (30p), 1920 x 1080 (50p), 1920 x 1080 (60p)
  • Software Compatibility: OBS Studio (windows,OS X); Windows Media Encoder (Windows); Adobe Flash Media Live -Encoder (Windows, OS X); Real Producer Plus (Windows); VLC (Windows, OS X, Linux); QuickTime Broadcaster (OS X); QuickTime Player (OS X); Wirecast (Windows,OS X); vMix(Windows); Potplayer(Windows) ...
  • Multiple devices on one host up to six devices.
  • System Requirement: Windows 7,8,10, OS X 10.9 or later, Linux. PC: Intel Core i5-3400 + NVIDIA GT630, NB: Intel Core i7-3537U 2.0 GHz + NVIDIA GT735, Mac: i5 quad-core or above, VGA card supporting DirectX 10, Sound card, 4GB RAM, Powered USB 3.0 port: Intel chipset with native USB 3.0 host controller (Renesas, Fresco …) 
  • Dimensions / Weight: 170(L) x 110(W) x 30(H) mm, 460g



What's in the box

4 channel HDMI Capture Card
Remote control
5V2A power adatper
USB 3.0 cable