3 in 1 Cleaning Kit for Camera and Lens
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Camera Camcorder Lens Cleaning Kit

for digital camera, lenses, camcorder, telescope, binoculars etc (3 tools included)


Product Description:

Easy to use, handy and environmental friendly, Safe for all kind of lens

The Lens Pen (come in 2 ends) removes dust, erases smudges and doesn't leave residue. It's safe for all lenses.

- Soft brush sweeps dust and loose particles away from the lens.

- A special dry cleaning carbon compound is used to gently remove fingerprints and stains.


Microfibre cloth is soft and safe for optical surfaces. It may be used either dry or damp.

Powerful airblower is use blow excessive dust and particles on the surface of lenses/ filters or any surface like laptop keyboard etc etc.


What's in the box

1 x Air Blower
1 x Lens Pen
1 x Cleaning cloth